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The Lab

We have the Enterpreneurship bug. We love working with people who also have it. Together we can dream up the impossible and also pack in the power and experience to execute. Right from designing practical and sensible MVPs to scaling to global dominance, we have done it before and can do it again, with you.


Dynamatix Lab is the R&D Lab of Dynamatix specialising in innovative digital solutions to complex real world problems. Established in 2013, we have helped founders and CxOs build strong businesses using new age revolutionary technologies such as AI/ ML, RPA married with stunning UI/ UX/ Dashboards and Mobile apps.

We have invested heavily in building our own integrated automation platform, Catura™, that allows us to rapidly orchestrate intelligent business processes at enterprise scale.

We also have robust and secure hosting capability with private clouds in UK and France. For US clients, we host on Amazon and Azure in the US data centres. Our operations centre is ISO 27001 certified by British Standards Institute and is fully compliant with GDPR.

With Head Office in Milton Keynes, UK and an R&D lab in Hyderabad, India we have also got project teams in Spain. 

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Our Spinouts

Yes, we were not kidding. We have done this before. Quite a few times actually.

ellipsis logo.jpg

Our Spanish business that has radically transformed the legal process in Spain.

Our technology reads correspondence from court and also sends information to court using the court systems.

Cutting edge deployment of AI, ML and RPA to change the game.

IE Hub Logo Final.png

A unique data bureau that allows consumers to record and share their Affordability information and allows businesses to securely receive and verify this information with bureau and other data sources.


Ideal solution for the 8 million distressed UK consumers, who have on average six businesses with whom they have to regularly exchange this information.


Hiya! deploys IoT technologies and a fully integrated back-end customer communication system to build Lifelong Relationships with under served UK Households.

Underpinned by revolutionary technology, it is able to fairly yet profitably serve a market that others are vacating due to high defaults, high cost to serve and increasing regulation.