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Welcome to the decade of Automation & Change

We are entering a new decade. Looking forward, it is very difficult to fully predict 2030. 

But based on the current pace of tech advances and social change, It is quite safe to predict that we will remember this decade as one that fundamentally changed our world.

This will be the decade of automation. Software, as we have know it, will be considered legacy by the end of this decade. In modern software, Humans will not be expected to be pushing buttons and entering data. Machines will be talking to each other and deciding the best course of action. They may occasionally check with humans on major decisions but generally they will be better than us in deciding. We will learn to coexist with these new machines.

It will also be a decade of social upheaval. Traditional jobs will be under threat if not already obsolete. Over population will be recognised as a major threat to our planet and climate consciousness will peak. Fossil fuel based economies will also be in turmoil as economic reconfiguration and re-calibration happens. Governments across the world will have their hands full.

With this big change comes great opportunities. A new world is being created. And we all can play a part.

One area that needs careful attention is re-skilling. The workforce in almost all industries will receive severe jolts. Many jobs will be replaced by automation. Some sectors might go through radical transformation. There will be significant opportunities to help people enter into the new Industrial Revolution by training them on the jobs of the future.

Another area that needs careful design is Education. Youngsters in school will not be finding the same jobs as their parents usually had when they leave school. They need to be trained on innovative thinking and developing a curiosity mindset rather than on memory based examinations. They need to learn to co-exist with machines at an early age.

So lets work together to build a brighter decade and future together before life starts dictating it for us.

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