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Yes, we can use the buzzwords - AI/ ML/ RPA/ Low code. However, shall we just talk business for now? 

Automate Your Backoffice

Generally, people look at backoffice as a cost-center. They look at automation as a way to reduce costs. In our experience, automation provides several other benefits apart from just cost reduction.


If done properly it can reduce process cycle time, thereby directly impacting customer experience and boosting capacity.  It can enhance process quality with less human errors in repetitive tasks. Also, since automation produces a large swathe of data, you can harvest this to get better process reporting and control. Something that wasn't possible and accurate with manual process. Surprisingly for some, it even improves employee morale as machines take over the low quality repetitive tasks leaving higher quality intelligence related tasks for your colleagues.

Dynamatix uses its low code platform, Catura, to automate processes. You can explore more about Catura's capabilities here, or just drop us a note to have a chat.

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Our unique approach and proven technology results in rapid and scalable process changes. ROI is easily achieved within the financial year, so business cases tend to be quite straight forward. Moreover, our methodology, as can be seen below, includes monitoring user experience post-implementation and tweaking the system to ensure that a perfect process fit is achieved before wrapping up the project.

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Plug Gaps in your Systems

If you are having several systems which do not talk to each other, not only are your employees frustrated but it also leads to issues with customer experience, lost revenue, additional overheads and a slow but sure decay of your market positioning.

The alternatives, rip and replace systems, or upgrade to a higher / better release - and loose all your customisations and backend jobs related investments - are also not that appealing. And we haven't even mentioned "data migration" yet.


If you find that you are stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place, then we should have a chat. We have the sand that can fill the gaps in your system!

Dynamatix uses its low code platform, Catura, to plug your system gaps. Just drop us a note to have a chat.

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