The most flexible Integrated Risk Management system on the planet.

Manage Your Exposures. Control Your Business.

Integrated Risk Management system to actively manage all Risks & KRIs, Controls, Incidents, Policies, Audits, Action Plans, Resources, Compliance Registers (such as asset registers, licenses, gift registers), Case Queues (such as whistle blowing, complaints, suspicious activities reports, subject access requests, media reports, regulatory notifications) and facilitates “linking” these to each other.

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Supports Three Lines of Defence Model

❖ Allows delegation and ownership of risks, controls and actions to business departments


❖ Enables real-time Oversight by Risk Department


❖ Facilitates sample testing of controls by Internal Audit teams supporting end-to-end audit workflows

Why Risk HAWC?

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No training needed for most users. Drill-Down Dashboards for Senior Users

Extremely User-Friendly & Intuitive System

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Bespoke views and workflows for company, departments and users. Also, you can configure your own workflows!!

Highly Configurable System

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Each module can be linked with other modules, as well as third party systems, creating a single data repository. Also has unique automatic link propagation technology to ensure proper information dissemination

Fully-Integrated Modules

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Involve business teams, delegate efficiently, get a real-time view

Active Risk Management System

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Reduce chasing, follow-ups and manual reporting

Boost Efficiency of Risk & Compliance Teams