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Catura - GLU

Merge data from all your existing systems and third parties using this powerful Integration layer.

No need to invest in expensive data warehousing but get all the benefits of combined data sources - such as single customer views, global reports and dashboards.

Are you stuck with multiple homegrown or third party systems or multitude of legacy systems acquired from M&As, or simply a potpourri of all possibilities? And have you already burnt your fingers with perennial data warehousing projects that somehow never seem to deliver value? If answer to any or all of the above is Yes, then you have come to the right place.

Catura Glu new.PNG

Using Catura Glu, you can create an integration layer that pulls data from multiple data sources, combines them up to provide you:

  • a single customer view

  • global dashboarding & reporting 

  • behaviour monitoring, alerts and notifications

  • case management and automation

  • legacy system extension by adding new functionality integrated with data from your existing systems

  • REST APIs so that you can ​expose your legacy system data and integrate these with third parties without any new system development!

Our magical Glu can be implemented within couple of days, transforming your system landscape as you might have only dreamt about. 

If this is something you are interested in finding out more about, then just drop us an email.

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