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If you are finding that your business processes are littered with excel or google sheets pretending to be databases or work queues, shared between team members, then you are not alone. Right from startup to Fortune 100 employees have discovered that the only way they can work around inflexible systems is to build their own on excel.

This creates significant problems, that you are well aware of - personal data (mis)management/ GDPR non-compliance, lack of process control and data loss to name a few.

That is why we built the Flexy module within Catura. It is a ZERO-CODING tool that can be exposed to end users or to business analysts who can build forms, workflows and dashboard without having to write a single line of code. All data is held encrypted in the database, ensuring out of box compliance with data protection regimes.

Flexy setup process.PNG

Customers use Flexy to spin out:

- ISO 27001 registers such as Asset Management, Access Management, Gift Registers

- operational workflows and case management systems for handling customer queries, complaints, Suspicious Activity Reporting (SARs), subject access requests, whistle blowing case flow and several others.

Moreover, you can plug in other Catura modules into Flexy to build powerful automations. For example, a customer or supplier email or SMS, received via Catura Interact, can be used to trigger off a Flexy based case flow.

Flexy advances case.PNG

If this is something you are interested in finding out more about, then just drop us an email.

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