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Lets us answer your questions.

  • Do you support SaaS or On-premise deployment?
    Our products are available both on a Software-as-a-Service basis as well as On-Premise basis. Please send an email to if you wish to discuss on-premise options.
  • Is integration with Active Directory possible?
    For on-premise deployment we do offer Active Directory integration at an extra cost. Please contact for more details. For SaaS deployment, we offer login using Google and Microsoft authentication without any extra charges.
  • How many users can use the system?
    Number of named users would be mentioned in the license package that you purchase either online or directly from us. If you want to increase the number of users in your package please reach out to
  • I need more users than those mentioned in the license package?
    Please email and our team will be happy to provide you a custom quote.
  • What are the different types of users that are mentioned in some of the license packages?
    Our Risk HAWC products generally have three types of users: - Admin users are generally from the Risk and Compliance teams who can log and view the details from all departments. They can also set up users, departments and other details, assign users to departments, configure master data for the forms and manage the profile configurations. Flexy modules can be created by Admin users. - Senior User also called as Advance User is the head of the department and will have access to create, access/view the details only for that department to which the user is assigned. - Basic users can take action on the items assigned to them like controls, action plans/tasks, reading documents and can also log risks and incidents. For any more clarifications please reach out to
  • Do you offer Annual Packages and/or Enterprise packages?
    Our monthly charges for bundels are very reasonable. These are available with no long term contract tie-in. However for Enterprises with larger number of users we do have separate pcakages that could benefit from annual billing discounts. Please contact for more details on these packages provding number of users.
  • Do you support integration with our existing systems?
    Yes we do! We have several types of integration options available using our Glu module. These would ofcourse come at an extra cost. Please drop an email to to discuss further.
  • What are the general server and software specification for on-premise deployment?
    For the on-premise server we recommend: 32 GB RAM (expandable to 64 GB if needed) 320 GB SSD * 2 with a RAID 1 configuration or 1 TB HDD * 2 with a RAID 1 configuration Single CPU with 6 or 8 cores For server software, we can go with either a windows tech stack or a linux tech stack (zero licensing cost). Please contact for detailed options.
  • Do you provide training and support?
    Most of our packages come with free training and support hours. Once you purchase these packages, our team will be in touch with you to schedule training time. You can always purchase more training and support packages as needed based on your requirement. If you have purchased a package and need to talk to our team to schedule your training and support then drop us an email at
  • Can you help me migrate data into your products?
    Absolutely. You will however need to purchase a Training/ Support package. Just drop us an email to and our team will be happy to help you pick the right package.
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