Catura Platform

Magic potion that you can sprinkle on any legacy environment to transform your business in a matter of days.

Is this your current situation?

No System Upgrade = Business Stagnation + Slow Death.

System upgrade = Massive Headache + Disruption + Huge Costs.

If you think that your options are limited to only the above, then you might want to widen your vision to look at Catura. Catura is the magic potion that can transform your systems without the associated pain. It provides an evolutionary path to system change, dripping in powerful functionality that your team can start using while they continue using existing systems for current processes. All this without any data migration!

Catura is a low-code platform that is already integrated with several data sources such as TransUnion, Lending Metrics as well as with e-signature platforms and payment gateways and we keep adding more integrations as needed. It has OAuth and AD integration for single sign-on so as to ensure frictionless user experience. It can be deployed on -premise or on our secure UK based private cloud at Rackspace. It has several built in security features (you can read about these here) that ensure enterprise grade security whichever deployment you choose.

It has six core modules that can be used together or standalone depending solely on your business need. You can read more about each by clicking on the links:

Catura Modules

If this is something you are interested in finding out more about, then just drop us an email.



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