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Catura - ARM

Let your repetitive tasks be done by our reliable bot army. Properly supervised by our bot agents (software not human!) who ensure that the bots are performing their jobs 24x7.

Anyone who has done large scale RPA (Robotics Process Automation) projects will tell you one thing - Bots are unreliable. They are like kids, requiring constant monitoring to ensure that they are performing and not getting stuck. Maintenance is needed to keep them updated, as the systems that they are interacting with changes. Work that they could not complete needs to be sent to humans for exception handling. But sometimes there are no other possible automation routes and RPA is the only practical option.


After executing several industrial scale, we have created our own framework technology, Catura Arm, that can work with any type of bot - UI Path, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism etc.

Arm, enables industrial scale deployment of RPA, by validating data that needs to be sent into the bots, prioritising the work, ensuring that the bots finish their job and any exceptions are sent to an exception queue for humans to handle. Our software agents monitors bots that are stuck and bring them back to life when they die, without any human intervention (and no, we do not call them God)!

If you are serious about RPA and are thinking of deploying it at industrial scale (more than 10 bots now or in the future), then you can benefit a lot from a chat to understand our experience. Send us an email now!

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