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Let your customers, suppliers and employees self-serve over multiple channels such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger and phone alongside a self-service portal.

Also, passes enquiries to the right person if the bots are unable to help.

Are your systems siloed and accessible only through user interfaces? That must mean that if your customers are lucky then they get a self-service portal or an app. Else they would still be communicating with your agents, over phone, email or chat, to resolve their issues.


And your employees and suppliers? Well there could be even more cumbersome processes for them.

We can use Interact to bring your legacy systems into the digital age. Your systems can be opened up to communicate with your customers, suppliers and employees using multiple channels - Phone, WhatsApp, SMS, Email and Messenger. You can also use the Catura - Skin module to create self-service portals for them alongside enabling interaction using the other digital channels.


Interact allows communication such as following across multiple channels:

  • a simple "auto-reply"

  • allowing users to check useful information such as account balance, next payment date etc once the user has been verified. You can selectively expose the information that you wish to expose, post user verification.

  • letting users transact with the system, such as make payments, transfer money etc

  • and if self-service is not an option to pass the user to the right agent who can help resolve their query

Our innovative integration methodology allows us to transform your legacy environment to a digital one within a fortnight! ROI guaranteed within 3 months of going live!!

If you want to find out how a fast growing UK Fin-tech lowered their operation costs by 60%, using Interact, while providing an amazing customer experience then just drop us an email.

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