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Catura - skin

Rejuvenate your legacy systems without any data migration. You get new user-centric workflows with stunning UI/ UX without system migration. Highly cost effective (and so much less painful) alternative without any compromises!

You have made significant investments in your existing systems. However, they are now out of date and are inflexible. Business is suffering, you feel that you do more work on emails and excel than your core system. You want to get a modern, flexible system but the mere thought of data migrations, change management, disruptions to your business and sky high costs sends shivers down your spine.


We have all been there. And that is why Catura Skin was created - it can be your silver bullet. 

Catura Skin.PNG

Catura skin wraps around your existing databases using JDBC connections or connecting via APIs exposed by your existing systems. So your databases does not need to be migrated - saving you countless sleepless nights from data migration!

Once we are connected, which usually takes couple of days, Catura can be used to create apps that work seamlessly with data from your existing systems - providing you instant ROI. You can use your existing legacy systems in parallel to apps developed on Catura or replace these over times with new flexible workflows on Catura. All this without any data migrations, and keeping all your back-end investments intact.

If this is something you are interested in finding out more about, then just drop us an email.

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